Sunday, January 4, 2009

just my style!

i am, by nature, a masher. i am jan ullrich to your lance armstrong. however, i've spent the past few years working on increasing my cadence ... and with good success. i now, naturally, find myself at 90-95 rpm, however ... i still loves me some serious pedal pushing.

so, imagine my delight when i saw 5 x 6 min. at 60-70 rpm on the schedule for today's bike ride. oh joyous, joyous pedaling! it was a chilly and very windy today in los angeles. hush up my midwest and canadian friends. i know you have REAL cold ... not my fault. i was smart and jumped on the west coast bus. however, blood thinning is the price you pay for mild winters so yes, i thought it was chilly at 40 degrees this morning.

air temperature aside, it was clear as could be. i could see all the way up the coast to malibu and across the ocean to catalina island. it was one of those days that you just marvel at and having permission to watch it all go by at a slow, strong cadence was just icing on the cake.

i haven't been on my bike all that much recently and i am excited to be back on. i have a couple of hilly races this coming season so i am looking forward to a lot more low cadence rides and lots and lots of hills. i love hills!!! and if you've seen me you know my quads ... well, they were built more for walnut crackin' than skinny jeans wearing ... so i'm right where i ought to be. bring on the long, slow climbs!!

so far i'm really diggin' 2009.

oh and as the period (or exclamation point) at the end of this vacation's sentence ... j. and i ventured out for a little ice skating, santa monica style.


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Roo said...

I came up to see the Clippers/Pistons game yesterday. On the way up I commented that I had never seen LA look so clear. Happy to hear you got to ride in that amazing weather!