Saturday, January 17, 2009

denver digs n' dogs

when i found out i was going to vail and would be in denver before heading to colorado springs, i contacted my friend heather. we used to work together many moons ago at an internet/software company.

heather and i bonded. she was direct and had a potty mouth. it was love at first curse. for a little while she even lived near my place. i thought she was a hoot.

then she moved to new york. : (

she worked for a little while for my best friend and lived in my old stomping grounds. : )

we'd chat. life kept going. we lost touch. i'd search for her on facebook. she wasn't there.

about a month or so ago she appeared on facebook! oh happy day. and as it turned out she was in denver. we made plans for me to come visit. meet her fiance, her dogs and whatnot.

j. asked me how it was to see my friend after all these years ... it was like i had hung out with her last week. how great is that!?!

she has a beautiful life; a cool fella who will become her husband in less than two weeks, a sweet house and two awesome dogs.

here's a little pictorial.

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