Friday, January 16, 2009

traveling ten

10 random things from this past week ...

1. i got popped by the po'leece for running a stop sign ... on my bicycle.

2. i went cross country skiing and i wiped out ... twice.

3. this morning i saw a leeeetle red fox on my run (errr ... "brisk walk"). made me think of my friend emily.

4. the geese here at the hotel squawk a lot. i like it. when i put it as my status, i had to look up how to spell squawk.

5. at present i am STARVING. ready to gnaw my arm off, if only i had some ketchup.

6. there is a dog in denver who loves me, his name is shazam.

7. i had dinner with a woman last night who is starting a new job this week in an underground bunker. cool.

8. i had a nosebleed today and it wasn't from picking my nose. when's that last time that happened!?

9. today i partook in zumba. "ditch the workout, join the party!"

10. the 5430 triathlon is named for the altitude at which boulder is. did i just revert back to "newbie" status by admitting i didn't know that?

talk to ya later!



Molly said...

When are you coming HOME? California misses you ;p

Liz told me I had to eat more, because if I didn't then in Ironman training I'd gnaw my arm off and - I quote here - "you'll need that arm." L.O.L.!!!

Mama Simmons said...

Did ya get out of that ticket? I got stopped once for blowing through a red light... lucky me just got a warning though... I think the best would be to get stopped on your bike for speeding :)

cat. said...

mama -- no such luck. looks like it's going to be between $200-$300. and i agree ... a speeding ticket on my bike would be worth it for the bragging rights. instead i was mortified standing on the side of the road as cyclists went by saying "damn! better her than me".

Beth said...

I totally didn't know that about the 5430 race in Boulder. Looks like you aren't the only newbie... :)

D said...

omg... I got the biggest bag of ketchup packets sitting in my desk right now. I asked for lots of ketchup for my take-out last night, but what they gave me was ridiculous! If only I lived in a warmer place to give it to you...

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Ooohhhhh - sorry about your ticket. Nate says to go to traffic court! But you might as well hang that sucker up! That sucks! I didn't know about the altitude either. That makes two of us. Isn't shazam a GREAT word! My first post of the year was about that... :)