Sunday, February 15, 2009

a new way of life

on my run today i passed by this scene ...

at first i was taken aback. it seemed so absurd ... someone can't afford rent, but they've still got direct tv?

but then i thought about it as i ran on and realized ... this was pure genius. the owner of the van (which actually looked pretty nice and relatively spacious) had a 10 million dollar view of the ocean, never has to vacuum, can change his address whenever the neighbors get loud and he has all the television channels he wants with all the time to watch them in (author's assumption -- occupant does not need to have a job in order to pay rent)

a new way of life to consider??


1 comment:

D said...

I would already be there living in my car if it weren't for my kitties (which I would not give up for the world, as you know). Nothin wrong with car life! lol