Wednesday, February 18, 2009

i smell a rat!

last year we tolerated interview upon interview and promotional piece upon promotional piece about team columbia-high road .

okay, lance was gone and the U.S. television market and bicycling industry needed to keep the momentum of interest that had grown during his reign.

okay, i get it.

i watched, i listened, i supported (though i can't say as i rooted, because come on ... ole george is like a dumb labrador who has run into a sliding glass door one too many times). ask liz, she'll confirm that the guy can't even spell ... though she'll also tell you he doesn't need to. ; )

anyway, back to the bone i was picking (in case you hadn't sensed that that is where this was going). i'm watching the tour of california, like any good fan and on day #1 i notice something.

what's that on craig, phil and paul's shirts?

what has replaced that sweet little l.l. bean (love the bean) logo that used to adorn it?

it's ... it's ... COLUMBIA!?!??!

and what jacket is that keeping a demoted bob roll dry as he conducts sideline interviews? hmm ... looks to be columbia brand.

oh wait and what's that leading into the commercial break?

oh right, yet another insufferable interview with team COLUMBIA-HIGHROAD management.

i definitely smell a rat!



Jennifer Harrison said...

I am still waiting for you to post something CAT CAT. Tick tock.

IAN said...

You alive???

Roo said...

Hey- George spelled everything right on my poster! Oh wait- it was just his name. I'm with this on this one. Who needs words?