Tuesday, September 22, 2009

trust, patience, payoff!

during my coaching certification class this past weekend, we watched this video. everyone was ooohing and ahhhing at dave wottle's unbelievable "kick" at the end.

turns out he ran almost exact 200 meter splits (26 seconds and change) throughout the entire race. he went into the race knowing what he needed to run and he never wavered from that, even when it meant he was behind. just like a car that gets better gas mileage going at a steady rate he was able able to win by remaining steady, and trusting his training, as his competitors accelerated and decelerated.

what a great lesson!



ADC said...

That is totally unbelievable - what a HUGE lesson.

Jerry said...

A great lesson indeed, whether or not true in this case. Don't we have to wonder why his competitors actually slowed down significantly during the second lap, especially at the end when they saw the finish ahead of them? I can't believe that they did slow down towards the end ... in fact, I'll bet they speeded up. Which would mean that Wottle speeded up even more, wouldn't you say? Which means at the beginning of the second lap he was running much slower than at the end.
There may be other ways of looking at this ... and as you say, it's a great lesson anyway!

Beth said...

I've seen this before but am amazed each time I watch it. If it works in a race as short as an 800 thing what patience, trust and running your own race can do in our super-long triathlons??!! :) Hope you had a great training weekend at the coaching certification!!

IAN said...

That was pretty awesome. "Negative Split" thats all my running club coach ever says it seems

Stef said...

Hey thanks for posting this!

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Incredible - I LOVED it! Thanks for posting the video Cat...so many great lessons learned from this dude :)

Plus - you can't ever go wrong with a golf hat. Just sayin'

Tawnee said...

Hey! I found you in blog world haha.

Yup, we were all pretty impressed with that video, and the hat.

Hope your test-taking is going well Coach!