Thursday, August 27, 2009

16 days ...

and this will be me!

SOS Triathlon 2008 from Don Davis on Vimeo.

i have a few back logged training posts to share with y'all. i am working on them with a VERY frustrating computer system.

in the meantime, if you can bear the buffering of the video (hint let it fully buffer while it's on pause) you'll get a sneak peek at what i'm in for on sept. 13th.

happy viewing!



Molly said...

Hol-eeeeee crap! How exciting! Cool video, it was fun to see. I can't believe you have to climb up boulders out of the water on top of everything else - where's the nice sandy beach?! :)

Mama Simmons said...

Ok, I'm gonna have to go downstairs and watch that video on my real computer instead of this iPhone... :) And that'll have to wait until the little person who NEEDS to press all the keys on the keyboard when I'm at the computer goes to bed. ;)

Anyway, I was thinking about you while watching the news tonight... Are you where there's a bunch of smoke and they're calling for no outside exercise???? Don't develop a lung disease over there from smoke inhalation! Hope you get some clear air soon!!!

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

WOW - absolutely stunning! It will be SO GREEN! Love it!! Have such a great time out there...I can see the logistical challenge - definitely - but absolutely rewarding and inspiring as well! You are going to be a survivor!!! :) YEA!

Thanks for posting the video clip :)

ADC said...

Wow, nice race. That seems like so much fun. And I can't believe it's next week. How exciting.

Charisa said...

I am SOOOOO excited for your SOS race!!! You are going to have a blast!!! What an awesome experience it will be :)