Thursday, June 18, 2009

im thinking

i am so genuinely excited for all my FB friends who are gearing up to race IMCDA this weekend. i find myself listing them all in my head as i am driving in my car or swimming laps in the pool. i wonder what each of them is feeling at that moment 5 days out, then 4 days out ...

i can't help but think back to when i raced IMLP. i was so utterly freaked out ready to shit my pants at any moment scared that i feel like i missed out on a lot. the days leading up to the race are still a bit of a blur.

i wrote a race report after it even though i didn't have a blog back then. i wanted to get all written down because memory fades and i needed to remember. maybe one day i'll post it.

i don't know if i'll ever do another ironman. i think i have a lot of triathlete maturing to do before i attempt it again. i didn't really fall in love with the race distance, but i did fall in love with the training.

almost 3 years later i still love it. i'm out of the rhythm of really long distance days, but i know i would slide right back in. i miss late afternoon drool sessions on the couch after a 6 hour ride. i miss the feeling i got each time the distance was "upped" and i would marvel that i had just done something that at one time seemed downright un-doable.

when i sit and think about all the friends who are racing IMCDA on sunday, my wish for them is that they take it all in. no matter what the days before and the day of bring, it's their journey, their story and they get to keep it forever. they've each worked long and hard for it. everyone of them has made sacrifices and had triumphs along the way. it fills my heart up just thinking about it.

i'm already cheering and sending love, speed and lots of fulfilled dreams your way!!



Molly said...

Yes! I am so excited for all of them too. Buzz me all day when you need updates.

Pedergraham said...

What a nice post! I do miss those afternoon drool fests every once in a while, but I figure that as I get older, I can still get the drool fest, but I'll get there after training for much less time.

snowygrl said...

I completely understand I miss those longs training hours so much I'm signing up for IMCDA 2010 :)

Jennifer Harrison said...

yes, i totally agree! This is my life every weekend! Anxiously awaiting results/RR and updates from athletes. It is LOVELY! Can't wait for CDA! :))

Jerry said...

IMLP -- was that, like, yesterday, or three centuries ago? It sure was intense, and you inspired me to get serious about my training!


Merrill said...

I saw your comment on JTris and I'm now inspired to start blogging again - although I will probably not do another Ironman (and have focused on running the last few years at expense of triathlons). Unlike you who are putting me to shame.

You are a better man than I for doing a second Ironman.

You should check out - a friend of mine started this site that is trying to be the Yelp for endurance sports. You can fill out reviews for races you have done, as well as search their database to find races and reviews in specific areas.

Charisa said...

drool sessions on the couch after a long ride - haha :) You always make me smile!!