Sunday, April 5, 2009

holy schnoikies!

well, you've all read charisa, marit, courtenay, ian, beth and jen's blogs or facebook updates. so you know how it all turned out for them, but let me tell you from a spectators perspective, this race was nothing short of amazing and all of them put in performances nothing short of phenomenal.

i was thrilled to be out there to scream and clang, clang, clang my cowbell at them all. i also got to yell and scream for my l.a. peeps kevin, gary, alma, tina, mo, stella and monica.

lisa, jesse and i had a blast supporting our friends and heckling all the rest. ; )

here are too few pictures of the 24 hours i spent down south with them. i loved meeting everyone's husband's as well. nate, jerome and oscar were all very cool people. meeting all the folks i hadn't yet met was such a treat and they were all pretty much exactly as i thought they would be ... just more real!

me, shannon, jen, beth, marit, courtenay

marit, killin' it on the first loop hill

marit blowin' the hill away on the second loop!

charisa & beth, post-race. these two really do radiate sunshine.

and finally, the house monster lived up to her name as a bit of a grump, however she did take a moment out from her hand slapping antics to pose for a photo.

house monster behaving like a good sponsored kitty.



IAN said...

Thanks for all the support out there Cat. You guys were loud as hell and really helped out!!

Pedergraham said...

Ha ha ha...I am so glad the House Monster made it into the pictures! Glad that you had such a good time.

Charisa said...

Thanks for cheering - you guys were awesome!!! Such a fun and crazy day! :)

Mama Simmons said...

Wow that would have been super fun to watch!! And funny how you say all the bloggers were just like you thought they would be... that's why I like reading other people's blogs. I think you can get a good feel for what someone is like when you read their diary every day. ;)

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

It was AWESOME to have you out there! Seriously - seeing you after the swim and then on the run course was THE BEST! Thanks for helping me the night before - wow!!! Your idea for a list really helped to calm me down... :) Can't wait to see you again! Yea!!!

Beth said...

I agree with everyone else - LOVED having you cheering on the course. Your cowbell could be heard from miles away!! :) I really wish I could return the favor for your big race coming up - sorry we can't be there for you! BUT - I will ring my cowbell in Pittsburgh and maybe you will hear it!! :)

So great meeting you!! Thanks for all your support Cat!