Sunday, November 23, 2008

everything's faster at ironman

just a quick blog post ... since everything, apparently, is faster at ironman.

we are about to leave for the race site. molly is all prepared to be a stripper and j. and i have our cowbells and good attitudes (well, almost ... we're not quite awake yet).

yesterday ... lunch with molly, chris, wendy and j.

paradise bakery & cafe.

sandwiches, salads, cookies and ...

aero helmet?

like i said, everything is faster at ironman ... even a stop for soda pop!


Roo said...

That's hilarious! Have a fun day cheering!

Jennifer Harrison said...

I can't believe we never met up with u & molly! Arghhh. Jerome and us left quickly for Tucson AND dummy me lost my charge on my IPhone so I had nothing And no laptop to charge my phone until I got into the car after the race. I hope you guys had fun!! I. Issed a few others yesterday & felt awful.

Mama Simmons said...

I used to live in Scottsdale... within a mile of Paradise Bakery! Love that place! :)